Welcome to Abyssinian Coffee

Specialty coffee sourced with passion

We provide top-tier coffee beans for export, renowned for our unparalleled quality.

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Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

We building relationships with coffee producers who share their commitment to quality and ethical practices.

Quality Assurance and Exportation

Implementing strict quality control measures throughout the supply chain, from farm to consumer.

Exceptional Coffee Origins

Discover the distinct flavors and aromas cultivated in diverse regions around the world, each with its own captivating story

Who we are

Heritage Beans, Innovative Exports

We are passionate about bringing the rich and diverse flavors of Ethiopian coffee to coffee lovers around the globe. Through our dedication to quality and commitment to sharing our country’s unique coffee heritage, we strive to provide an exceptional coffee experience…

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Specialty coffee sourced with passion

We source specialty coffee with passion, connecting you with diverse flavors and ethically sourced beans. Explore our world of exceptional coffee encourages viewers to discover more.

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Why Choose us

For Unmatched Flavor and Quality

Elevating the global coffee experience with our premium green beans, renowned for unparalleled taste and quality.

Original Taste

Experience the rich heritage and authentic flavors that have made our coffee renowned worldwide.

Premium Coffee

Elevate your coffee experience with our exquisite range of Premium Coffee selections.

100% Organic

Embrace the purity of nature with our 100% Organic coffee offerings.

Our Coffee Farm

Our coffee farm embodies a legacy of passion and dedication to cultivating the finest coffee beans.

Quality Packaging

We invest in state-of-the-art packaging technology and stringent quality control measures to ensure that each shipment maintains its freshness and flavor profile.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Beyond producing premium green coffee beans, we are committed to sustainable farming practices that prioritize environmental conservation and community well-being.
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Fresh Coffee, refresh Memories

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Our Partner

They support us

Here, we celebrate the collaboration with our esteemed partners who share our passion for quality, sustainability, and innovation.


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